Welcome to The Answer Key
Before we begin any project, it is important for us to fully understand your desires, concerns, and expectations.

Here Are a Few Things to Keep in Mind:

We tried to keep this short and sweet, but remember . . . the more you tell us the better we can do our job.  Don't hold back - sometimes what seems impossible may actually be easier, or less costly, than you imagine.

If there is more than one "head honcho" around the house, be sure you each fill this out separately.  It’s okay if you don’t agree - we’ll help you work through the possibilities to come to the best solution.
Let's Get Started!
Who are the key people and decision makers?

(Names, Phone Numbers, Emails)
What is the project's address?

What type of project do you have in mind?

Is this your first design project?

What did the previous project entail?

How would you rate your previous experience?

Is there anything you want us to be aware of and/or sensitive to regarding this project?

Please rate the following items in terms of importance.

High-End Design

Pleasurable Process / Experience

Tight Timeline

Budgetary Constraints

Write a general description of your project.

Provide as much information as possible - blue sky it!
List the “must have” items for your project in order of importance.

Is there anything special you want to share with us regarding your property . . . a favorite room, the best view, etc.

Are there any existing issues or concerns with your property . . . dated mechanical systems, flooding, hauntings, etc. 

Do you have copies of any drawings that might be helpful?

Site Plan or Property Plat

Original Blueprints

Sketch Ideas

Are you aware of any problems with zoning, codes, neighbors, or anything else that may create an obstacle?

Please list them.

How soon would you like to start design work on the project?

When would you like construction to begin?

How long do you expect the project to last - start to finish?

How flexible are you on schedule?

What is your estimated budget for the project?

Is the above amount for construction only, or does it include the various fees, taxes, carrying costs, interest, appliances, landscaping, etc. involved in the project?

How flexible are you on budget?

Please describe what you expect from your architect?

How will you measure a successful project?

Are there any other final thoughts, comments, or questions for us?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out The Answer Key.

We will be in touch soon to get together and discuss your exciting new project.
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